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COVID-19 Update



Ongoing COVID-19 Documents


Click the links below to view our ongoing COVID-19 guidelines, protocols and procedures for your review prior to contacting us for house cleaning services. 




Cancellation Policy

Client Requirements



Are your teams fully vaccinated?


I understand your concern, but I cannot guarantee sending a fully vaccinated team to your home.


By secluding the unvaccinated team members, I am denying them hours of work which could be viewed as discrimination. Unlike a public space that people choose to enter into, my teams' hours are completely dependent on the number of households we clean for and how long each clean takes to complete. By segregating them from certain household (i.e. hours of work) based on vaccine status, it is similar to not being able to send a man to a home because he is male, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community to a home because they are gay. I think in the eyes of the law it all boils down to a human rights issue and also a breach of medical privacy. 

Part of the Employment Standards Act (ESA) is privacy laws and releasing medical information is a breach of privacy. I can state that 75% of the staff has received their first vaccine because it is a broad piece of information, but I could not state 'Worker A is not vaccinated' or 'Worker B is vaccinated' for instance. It has to be revealed on a voluntary basis by each individual. The teams can answer the question themselves if it is asked, but they can also decline to answer.

The CDC is still not ruling out the potential of transmission from vaccinated individuals to other individuals either. There have been cases of fully vaccinated people getting COVID-19 even after being fully inoculated. This link will take you to the CDC report from July 27, 2021.


I think we are still in a very 'unknown' state as COVID-19 develops around the globe. As much real-world data as we have there are still so many unanswered questions. I do believe all the safety measures that are in place will continue to keep the Daisy Fresh community safe as it has since June 2020. The Delta variant is something that has everyone spooked which is why the safety measures will remain in place even for fully vaccinated households and team members. We do not have any cases of transmission between staff and clients or even between staff members to date. 



Updated: July 26, 2021


We remain fully booked and the Wait List is closed due to the volume of households that are awaiting service from us. 


Most of the staff have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and some are fully vaccinated. I also want to mention that some of the staff will not be getting vaccinated and I continue to support everyone's choice to decide what is best for them based on their lifestyle and beliefs. 


I will not be making it mandatory for the staff or the clients to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to be a part of the Daisy Fresh community. Therefore, clients or cleaners cannot request to only work with fully vaccinated individuals. 


I strongly believe that the safety protocols and procedures we have had in place for over a year are limiting the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and most viral diseases and I will continue to implement them. The Daisy Fresh community continues to require physical distancing as laid out in our Safe Space Guidelines, and when this cannot be accommodated both staff and clients will be required to wear a face mask. The teams are still required to wear face masks, or shields when a face mask cannot be worn, gloves, and indoor shoes when cleaning all households. 


I thank you for your continued patience and support.




Updated: July 15, 2021


We are fully booked until further notice for all types of cleans and cannot accept new clients into our schedule.


The Wait List is closed as we have over 20+ households awaiting service. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I recommend you contact another service in your region to inquire about their availability to ensure you get the service you require for your household sooner rather than later. 


We are hiring, so anyone with a valid driver's license (G or G2) and a vehicle available to you fo work use, please consider reaching out to us to submit your resume. Applicants must speak and write fluid English and be physically capable of staying active for 6-8 hours per day, including bending, twisting, lifting, scrubbing, and climbing ladders up to 6-ft high.